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Тест по английскому языку (уровень знаний: 5-й класс школы)

His English is very good. He speaks Italian ..., too.

I ... to Spain.

Jane ... the tickets.

Don't go out. It ... rain.

Freddy ... with a girl when I saw him.

My cousin ... for my birthday.

The woman ... came yesterday is very rich.

Tom is good at football but John is ....

Mary ... since he left school.

— Please be patient.
He told me ....

— I'm a shop assistant.
She told me that ... a shop assistant.

Annabel will come to tea if you ... her.

I am not as fast as you. You are ... than I am.

... «Gone with the Wind»?
— Yes, I saw it on Saturday.

When I was a child I ... a lot of chocolate.